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We at Leading Edge Seminars offer skill-expanding instructional programs taught in a focused, one-on-one environment, providing dentists with dedicated attention and training from instructors. With convenient monthly evening classes and remote participation options, we enable dentists to expand their skill sets at a time and pace that works best for each individual and their practice.

Since 2008 we have had the pleasure to work with many dentists and dental professionals, helping them on their journey toward confidence and expanding their practices.

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Meet the Instructor


Dr. Ralph Nicassio

Seminar Instructor

Dr. Ralph Nicassio is a graduate of UCLA (’85).
His private practice has an emphasis on Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. He was the lead Instructor for Progressive Orthodontics teaching Over 20 years and Advanced Dental Thinking Seminars for 10 years.

He has taught Orthodontics over 800 days in 19 Countries. He has produced over 40,000 complete treatment plans. His focus is on customized Orthodontic diagnosis, appliance design, and mechanics to treat cases better, more efficiently, and with less patient compliance.

University of Southern California-Graduated 1981
UCLA Dental School-Graduated 1985

1986-Present: Private Practice in Norwalk, CA
1993-2008: Instructor for Progressive Orthodontic Seminars

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