There is nothing an orthodontist can do that a general practitioner cannot do. But it is important for a GP to perform orthodontic services to the same level of care as a specialist. Learning orthodontics requires more than just a few weekend classes, it takes discipline and concentration. Come and learn from the best, where you will be trained in the critical thinking skills and good judgement necessary to perform world class orthodontic services.
The objective here is to make you a better dentist, add significant income to your practice, and increase your joy doing dentistry.
Interested in learning orthodontics, or honing and developing your skills further?
We offer a full range of seminars geared toward bringing dentists at any level of experience to successfully completing orthodontic cases.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

Begin your ortho journey with this course: successfully diagnose and develop treatment plans for the most common orthodontic presentations and confidently manage ortho cases from start to finish.

Intermediate Ortho

This course builds on the basics, providing treatment options and solutions for complex orthodontic challenges with in-depth lectures emphasizing orthodontic extractions. Bring your cases and get input from fellow seminar doctors and the seminar instructor through Q&A sessions.

Advanced Ortho

This course explores advanced ortho techniques through in-depth lectures covering surgical ortho, full mouth reconstruction, correcting facial deformities and severe TMJ pain. Bring challenging cases and get treatment plan feedback from other doctors and the instructor with Q&A sessions.

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